How Do You #ThrowYourO?

What does it mean to #ThrowYourO?

It’s how you make your mark on the world. It’s how you find your passions. Yes, it’s what you do at football games. But when you’re a Duck, it’s what you do the rest of your life.

The iconic gesture is at the heart of the UO’s #ThrowYourO effort that invites Ducks—students, alumni, faculty, staff, and fans of the university everywhere—to share how they throw their O in pursuit of excellence.

The ideals and attitudes behind the #ThrowYourO effort—collaboration, curiosity, research, innovation, creativity, teaching, learning, and community—are the same characteristics that have always defined the University of Oregon. That’s what creates our brand.

The guidelines you’ll find on this site are intended to help UO communicators articulate that brand. Used consistently, they will help maintain graphic and message continuity, protect our marks and logos, and help us communicate clearly across a wide range of media.

This guide is a work in progress. We'll be updating it regularly with fresh examples, current images, and new resources and information. And your input and insight will help us make it better. Send your suggestions to