University Signature

The university signature is the cornerstone of the University of Oregon identity system. As the primary identifier of the university, the signature has been developed to consistently represent the university in all of its communications. Over time, consistent and repeated use of the signature will establish equity and strengthen the greater visual identity of the institution. To ensure consistency, however, it is critical for every user of the signature, regardless of personal preference, to use it in accordance with the guidelines that follow.
The UO logo and UO wordmark can be used together to form the university signature. The signature can appear as a positive mark or reversed out of colored blocks.
The university signature consists of three elements: the Oregon O, the rule, and the university wordmark. The university block signature consists of two blocks, one enclosing the "O" logo and the other the University of Oregon wordmark. Each of the individual elements maintains a special relationship to the others and must not be altered. Do not create your own artwork for the UO signature—get it by downloading from this site or contacting UO Marketing Communications directly. Creating variations or making changes to the UO signature is prohibited.
Block elements are based on x (width) and y (height) measurements. Additional elements (e.g., school wordmarks) should be contained in blocks that are multiples of X and Y.