Logo System

All around the world, people know the Oregon "O." You've probably had it happen to you—you're walking along in a faraway place, perhaps New Orleans or Tokyo or Machu Picchu, wearing some Oregon gear, and you hear "Go, Ducks!" Maybe someone throws you the "O." Maybe they start a conversation, and tell you their own Oregon story.

The University of Oregon signature—the Oregon "O" plus the university wordmark—is the cornerstone of the UO identity system. It's the most immediately recognizable signifier of the Oregon brand, and should consistently represent the university in all of its communications. This is the element of the identity that requires the greatest degree of consistency in its use, and therefore includes more precise rules than you'll find elsewhere in this guide. Here they are. Follow them.    

University Signature

Clearspace and Minimum Size

Color Variations

Stacked Signature

Secondary Signatures

UO in Portland

Affiliate Marks

The Identity Bar System

The Great Seal