Institutional Typefaces

Consistent typography is integral to a successful identity system. A well-chosen typeface will affirm the characteristics of the university conveyed in the words we use to describe it, while a poorly used or ill-fitting typeface will work against the brand. When used consistently, the institutional typefaces will become closely identified with the university and its brand.

In choosing institutional typefaces, legibility and functionality were primary considerations. Kievit, a sans serif typeface introduced for campus-wide use in 2015, is the UO's primary institutional font. Melior, a typeface that has been in use at the UO for many years, is also available when a serif font will better suit your needs.

Primary Institutional Typeface: Kievit

Kievit is a versatile, contemporary, sans serif typeface crafted by Michael Abbink in 2001. Its lines are clear and sharp, making it very legible at small point sizes. It is versatile and flexible—equally usable for body text and headlines. Consistent font use is a primary building block of an identity system, and the clean lines and humanist nature of Kievit make it appropriate for most situations. The UO has licensed a set of four Kievit typefaces for campuswide use, and we recommend that you set Kievit Regular as your default font. 


Alternate Typeface: Melior

Melior is an easily readable typeface well suited for copy-dense documents. It is a good choice for body text in long magazine or newsletter articles, or when a more traditional typeface is appropriate. You may download Melior here.