The Identity Block System

Among the most basic elements of the Univerity of Oregon branding system are identity blocks, which can contain logos, wordmarks, names of schools and colleges, and unit identifiers. Intended to be flexible, these blocks can be organized in different ways within any space being designed. Block elements are based on x (width) and y (height) measurements. Additional elements, such as school wordmarks, should be contained in blocks that are multiples of x and y. All blocks should maintain this size relationship.
Elements of the signature can be used in separate spaces on the page. However, to maintain their connection, the logo (the "O") and wordmark ("University of Oregon") must both appear prominently.
No more than four elements should be used in a horizontal block construction (e.g., UO logo, UO wordmark, school wordmark, department name). No more than two elements should be stacked vertically.
We've provided some samples here, and you'll find more in our portfolio of examples. If you have questions about using the identity blocks or any other elements of the branding system, our designers are here to help. Contact Tim Jordan at 541-346-5280 or
Example of Identity Block Grids