Q: Do I have to discard materials that are in the "old" brand?

A: No. Feel free to use up whatever materials you already have, including business cards and stationery. We recommend updating to the new brand as new materials are needed. Please remember to allow additional time for redesign of materials that require updating.

Q: I'm working with an outside designer on a project. May I download the approved typefaces on their behalf?
No. That would violate the license the University of Oregon has purchased to use the typefaces. Any designer not employed by the university will need to purchase fonts for their own use.

Q: Where can the UO typefaces be purchased?
Here is information for purchasing the major UO typefaces. United, Bauer Bodoni, and the full set of Kievit fonts are reserved for use by designers. Contact Marketing Communications if you need guidance on which set to purchase for your project. A smaller set of Kievit fonts, good for most university purposes, is available for any UO employee to download.
United purchase information. Bauer Bodoni purchase information. Kievit (full set) purchase information.