Contracts and Releases

Always solidify a contract with any film and video production company or freelance professional prior to filming. This can be done through a signed contract specifying the work to be done, the maximum budget, and the responsibilities of the company or freelancer and the University of Oregon. Be sure the contract gives ownership of all film (including pre- and post-production video) to the University of Oregon. The contract with third-party vendors hired by UO departments must be approved through the university’s Office of Purchasing and Contracting Services.

In addition, a model release form may be necessary for most film involving people amid UO locations. As a general rule, if video focuses on a single person or a small group, they should complete and sign a model release form. Download the model releaseDownload the model release in Spanish.

When filming a group of people, such as inside of a classroom or at a small event, try to gather model release forms prior to filming.