Applying the Brand

All communications from the university, whether originating from a school or college, or another affiliated office, are reflections of the University of Oregon. The logos, typefaces, colors, and the treatment of photos and text all project attributes of the institution. The goal of these guidelines is to improve the effectiveness of the university’s communications, and to assist communications professionals in accurately, honestly, and consistently conveying the UO brand.
The guidelines provided throughout this site are intended to help bring clarity and consistency to UO communications. In general, they should be considered tools, not rules. We recognize that each unit, department, center, office, and institute has its own particular purpose, and that we communicate many types of information to many different audiences. These guidelines are designed to provide great flexibility to accommodate the diversity of communications needs throughout the university.
In the interest of clarity, consistency, and professionalism, we ask that all communications follow a few basic guidelines: Use the logo and signature correctly. Follow the editorial guidelines (which adhere closely to the Chicago Manual of Style). Stick to a consistent color palette. Use the institutional typefaces. Use high-quality images
Beyond that, use this guide as a tool to help create communications that are appropriate to your needs and your audience. And when in doubt, opt for clarity, sincerity, and simplicity.